A preliminary list of tutorials, talks, and challenges is provided below. This page will be updated frequently.


For information related to Python programming, always refer to the official Python documentation (v3.4).


  • Google Python class - YouTube videos

    Part 1(1) - Introduction to Python and strings

    Part 1(2) - Working with lists, tuples and sorting

    Part 1(3) - Working with dictionaries and files

    Part 2(1) - Regular expressions

    Part 2(2) - Using modules, system commands

    Part 2(3) - Exceptions, parsing URLs

    Part 2(4) - List comprehensions

  • Python Tutor

    Python Tutor visually helps understand how code executes on a computer.


Pyvideos - Videos related to Python programming in different events including Pycon, Scipy.

Example: Fast Python, Slow Python at Pycon 2014


If you are equipped with basics of Python, taking up challenges is a great way to implement the skills.

  • Project Euler

    Project Euler is a project of mathematical/programming challenges aimed at designing efficient solutions. Project Euler is a good place to challenge your mathematical and programming skills. Most of the problems can be solved within few seconds provided you have an efficient solution.

    Level - Advanced | Requires knowledge of mathematics.